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Astro A10 Gaming Headset - Review & Soundtest The above diagram clearly depicts what I am talking about: Leave a Reply Blaues feuerwerk reply Enter your comment here Tricks fur book of rar I am not a big fan of multicarts, and this one looked particularly generic so I had low expectations as to its contents. When it comes to purchasing items such as prototypes and other rarities, the origins of the item are king. This cartridge was another cart developed for release in Australia by HES. The code itself seems to be identical. Or maybe the one game is a newer revision of an older version, designed to fix a bug überweisung von bank zu bank a minor spelling mistake. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For whatever the reason, Color Dreams declined, and the game never made it to Western markets on 72 pin Nintendo format outside of the limited quantities of carts that Thin Chen themselves were able to distribute through unorthodox channels. Unsourced kostenlos casino automaten spielen ohne anmeldung may be challenged and removed. C05 C06 C18 C11 C

World u16 , Africa 98 u16 , South Africa 19 u Chess games of Sachen Pather: Play chess against Sachen Pather computer simulated play style: C05 C06 C18 C11 C D02 D00 D05 D00 D No tournaments are known where this player currently plays in.

Select a game from the drop-down list to display it, or download all games of Sachen Pather 1: Commonwealth Chess Championship Under - 12 Boys.

New Delhi , India. Durban , South Africa. A platformer with a gliding ability and a boomerang weapon, title screen and Chinese version label says "Rocman X".

A board game similar to Game of the Goose. An unofficial Chinese-language port of Princess Maker. A clone of the game Double Dragon.

An unofficial port of the arcade game Pang. An unofficial port of the arcade game Frogger. An unofficial port of the arcade game Super Pang.

Cosmocop and Cyber Monster. The NES manual mentions these features, however, and the game itself contains numerous unused sprites, suggesting these features were planned.

Published in by: American Video Entertainment in the U. Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu. Seifuku Hen in Jurassic Boy 2 [6].

Thunder Blast Man [7]. Below is the title screen for Middle School English. This game is quite easy.

At the beginning of the game, you can select the level at which you want to study. The game will then display a few simple phrases in English, as well as the Chinese translations.

You will then be quizzed, and you will be asked to type the English meanings of several of these phrases. If you fail to answer the questions correctly, you lose the game and the game will reset to the title screen.

If you are successful at answering most of the questions, however, you will be granted access to some real gaming: Interestingly enough, this version of Pyramid starts you on Level 2, with only 2 bombs.

My guess is that the developers at Sachen realized that there would be some kids, which would become Pyramid champions — their parents would then become pissed that the students would spend hours on playing Pyramid, the mini game, as opposed to the English-learning program.

Therefore, the quick fix would be to ramp up the difficulty and call it a day. To be quite frank about it, Pyramid could have been a decent game, but it has some serious flaws, which drag it down.

Unless you are looking for 8-bit boobies, I would recommend skipping this one and playing the sequel, Pyramid II, instead; unlike its predecessor, Pyramid II has improved upon many of the faults of the original game.

I think it will make things a bit easier to understand, when discussing these old Sachen games. The truth is…I lied to everyone.

When examining the games in closer detail, I came to realize that most of those carts were simply the Color 4 in 1 game packs, housed inside the wrong cases.

The above diagram clearly depicts what I am talking about: By following the red arrows across, we see that some Sachen 4 in 1 Color cartridges were improperly placed inside the old cases originally used for the monochrome games.

Another way of determining which Sachen game you have the black and white version, or the color version is to try to play the game on a Game Boy Color.

The original monochrome carts will not work on a Game Boy Color machine. Finally, by following the last red arrow along the diagram, we see what a standard 4 in 1 Color cart looks like, which has a different label art and is clearly marked as a color version.

In my opinion, the green arrows reveal the reason why these mislabeled carts exist. After making the black and white carts, Sachen decided to revamp their code and then remarket it for the Game Boy Color.

After running out of the proper cases for their carts, they decided to use up their extra 4 in 1 monochrome cart cases and labels.

For those who collect Sachen games, this is a typical move from that company. The two true Sachen monochrome 4 in 1 carts I purchased in Taiwan. The imposters, aka the 4 in 1 Color carts with the mismatched labels, were purchased online from a seller in Portugal, who had found a small cache of the Sachen carts.

I imagine that many other collectors purchased a set of carts from that seller as well, thinking that they were getting the original versions, but it turns out they are just the Color rereleases.

Bah, I never would have seen this coming, but it is Sachen we are talking about. With so many Sachen Game Boy variants floating around the world, I believe that it might be of some use for the collector if these releases were examined more closely.

Just today, I discovered that I even ended up owning basically two sets of what turned out to be the same product, and thus I hope to shed some light on the variants and releases floating around out there, so that people can make a better decision as to which Sachen Game Boy carts they want to collect.

Sachen, aka Thin Chen Enterprises, seemingly became involved in the development of software for handheld gaming devices during the early s, possibly in In addition to the ports from its Famicom library, Thin Chen would also design a few new titles, which would be released on the Supervision.

By , Sachen would branch out and develop games for several other portable gaming machines, including the Mega Duck and its equally obscure cousin, the Cougar Boy.

During this time period, roughly forty different Game Boy games would be developed. Below is a list of games that Sachen developed for the original Game Boy:.

The above-mentioned 36 games were released on 4 in 1 multicarts for the black and white Game Boy machine, and were released in boxes such as the ones seen below.

These cartridges were exported across the globe, and each pack included an English manual, as well as a localized manual in a variety of languages, such as German and Portuguese.

Some of the 4 in 1 game packs were also published in Germany and distributed there by Nic Nac Electronic-Land. These cartridges are housed within special cardboard boxes, containing German text.

They look nothing like the boxes shown below. Tucked away inside one of the above 4 in 1 boxes was a flier from Commin Games, which advertised some of their game releases.

Does this mean that there are about twenty different single cartridge Sachen games for Game Boy, which are so obscure that no one has yet to find them?

While I would love if this were indeed the case, findings thus far have shown other evidence that these carts actually exist.

The most interesting cart shown on that flier is Beast Fighter. Beast Fighter would not be released during this time, and would only eventually be released on the Game Boy, seven years later in the year During the first few years in the 21 st century, Sachen was still around, cranking out new game products.

These games would be released for the Game Boy Color, though most of them are backwards compatible with the Game Boy.

From the pictures below, one can easily identify the local and international versions of the game.

The copies sent abroad were packaged in the larger, square boxes, whereas the Taiwanese cartridges were housed in the smaller, petite boxes.

The international versions contain English as a lingua franca, and then they also have various localized manuals inside as well.

Another large difference between the international and Taiwanese boxes is that the international versions are larger, thus allowing more artwork to be displayed.

Although this is the case, I had my first contact with the Taiwanese versions, and thus prefer the look of those boxes.

Whereas there is little of interest to discuss concerning Street Hero it was released in both an international and Taiwanese version , the other two games — Gedou Zhanlue and Rocman X — have several things worth noting.

Unlike their other Game Boy releases, this title never saw the light of day outside of Taiwan and possibly other Chinese-speaking pockets around the globe.

The game itself is text intensive, and is of little enjoyment to anyone who cannot understand Chinese. Thunder Blast Man and Rocman X can be considered the same game.

It seems as though the Rocman X version was released for the Chinese-speaking market, whereas the Thunder Blast Man version would be released abroad, sometimes showing up for auction in Europe.

Either way, aside from a different title screen and changed character sprites, the two games are virtually identical.

These Game Boy Color 4 in 1 packs are the same as the black and white versions, only the menus have been cleaned up a bit, and of course the games now can be enjoyed on a GBC.

The Taiwanese versions were released in blister packs, and so were some of the various international versions, sent across the globe.

Besides these 4 in 1 multicarts, Sachen would also try to squeeze even more money out of their cash cow by releasing a variety of other Game Boy Color multicarts, which all contain the same material as can be found on the originals.

For example, Sachen teamed up with Home Entertainment Suppliers, and released four different 8 in 1 game packs for the Game Boy, which each combine the games from two of the four in one packs.

Some of these carts eventually made it for sale in Germany, with German manuals. Then we have two 16 in 1 game cartridges. When I compared the game lists to the contents of the above carts, I came to realize that the first cartridge 16B is just a combination of the above 8B and 8B carts, whereas the 16B cartridge contains the games from 8B and 8B These game compilations were released in Taiwan, for sure, and it is unknown whether they made it elsewhere across the globe.

One of the fun things about these two cartridges is that they use a dipswitch located on the top of the cartridge to switch between the two menus, which each contain 8 different games.

This is a throwback to the old Famicom multicarts made by Bit Corp, which used dipswitches to switch between the various titles housed on the cartridge.

So for a quirkiness factor, these carts take the cake! This cartridge was another cart developed for release in Australia by HES. So for those who are looking to obtain a complete set of Sachen Game Boy games, this is what I would include on my list:.

While the two games are very similar, different packages, title screens, sprites, etc. Chinese Kung Fu Prototype.

Dong Dong Nao 1. Pyramid and Pyramid Censored. Who Wants to Play Millionaire? Raid vs Silent Assault. Mahjong Trap Hacker Version.

Mahjong Trap Joy Van Version. Samurai Spirits and Street Hero. Savia 12 in 1 Menu.

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